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Child Growth Chart | DIY

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

A unique and affordable gift for parents & kids

This portable growth chart is a great gift for a young family.

This project I realized keeping in mind a dear friend of mine. It was soon Alicja´s birthday and I wanted to gift her something personal and useful. She has two adorable & fun girls and it´s so exciting to see them growing up.

I know she is planning to move houses at one point and this way she can carry those beautiful memories with her.

You think it´s a whole day project? Absolutely not! Watch the video or keep reading below.

This all you need to get started:

Essential tools:

+ wooden board (90cmX30cm)

+ paint, brushes, pencil & measuring tape

+ drill & thread to hang the board

Nice to have:

+ non-woven fleece

+stencil, stickers & template

Measurement & Design: Create a template before you start

This board is 30 cm (11,8 Inch) wide to offer enough space for two kids and their beautiful memories to be captured: dates, age, quotes or pictures.

I decided to mark the growth measurement until 140cm (55.1 Inch) but leave room for my design and tall kids ;)

The board is in total 90cm (35,4 Inch) long.

The first growth mark I made at 80cm (31,5 Inch), which is 10 cm ( starting from the edge) of the board.

Then I made every 10cm (3,9 Inch) a line and every 20cm (7,9 Inch) I added the hight in cm.

Action: Painting, Marking Growth Steps & Your personal touch

Last step: Drill a hole and attach the thread while making two knots.

Voila! You are done!

If you liked this gifting idea, please do leave a comment and share with me the pictures of your project. Just contact me on instagram :D


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