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Frankfurter Brett Review

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

My personal experience with the Frankfurter Brett cutting board

This cutting board looks damn good, but is it really worth it?

In this post, I am going to share with you my feedback and experience with the

Frankfurter Brett, from unpacking to daily use and cleaning.

You can either watch the review video or scroll down for the summary.

What I bought

- Basic Walnut

- Container-set M1, the Chef's Choice

- the total cost was €231.80

Why I bought the Frankfurter Brett

As you can imagine from my blog, I love spending time in the kitchen trying out new recipes to create culinary mouth explosion, but easy and fast to cook.

So I need a kitchen which helps me to be organized as much as possible, while my creative juices flow. I am adding unplanned ingredients, and I am playing around with the taste this is why I need to keep an overview of what I am doing to be able to recreate a recipe and be able to share with you the steps and proportions.

The promise from Frankfurter Brett

+separate your cut ingredients from the food waste

+ so your cooking area stays clean

+ it looks chick and professional

+ handmade

This is basically how they convinced me to purchase their product.


Everything was packed nicely so no damage can happen during shipping. The extensible brackets are easy to attach, and the containers fit in perfectly — all in all, pretty solid.

Placing the board

I initially had a different place in mind, but because of the containers, I needed to avoid handles in my kitchen, otherwise, you might be not able to open important draws in your kitchen whiles using the board. In my case, it was lucky. I found an even better location for the Frankfurter Brett. But you should keep this in mind and check out the measurements upfront, so you avoid situations where you can't open your drawers.

Daily Use

The board is not moving thanks to the integrated silicon rings, which improves your kitchen experience a lot in comparison to a basic standard cutting board. Nevertheless, keep an eye on the silicon rings when you transport your board to a different place or room, as they can fall.

Is the workplace really clean?

Well, at least my cutting board is way cleaner then it used to be. It is easy to organize your ingredients in those containers and separate the food waste. You simply cut the vegetables and slight them into the container in front of you. I love the slighting moment, which makes me feel like a star chef ;)


Keep in mind that the deeper containers are for the front compartment, as they don't fit into the display area. Unfortunately, they hit my kitchen slap. But The deeper once I anyway need for the cut vegetables and food waste, which take more volume.

You can hide the metal brackets in the cutting board, and the brackets for the display area you can simply remove — all in all, a great experience and good quality.


The board itself has a simple design and no fine design engravings, which makes it easy to clean the board with a simple clot.

Final Review

The big question! Would I recommend purchasing the Frankfurter Brett?

YES, totally...I know the price is not low, but I am confident that this was a life purchase, and I am not here to question the price of natural recourses, such as wood, the price of handwork, and a unique idea of the twins from Frankfurter Brett. So if this is in your price range, FROM FRIEND TO FRIEND, I recommend this cutting board. The best one I ever had, and I've never regretted the purchase.


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