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Freakum Dress - The Casual Autumn Look

How to style a cocktail dress to create a casual street style look

Recently I was thinking a lot about Fast Fashion and how I also find myself looking for today's trends and new fancy clothes. But my shopping behavior has changed….

I do not fall into the `SALES SALES SALES - last chance trap` anymore…So many times I used to by clothes, just because it was ridiculously cheap and well, pretty `Ok` from a Design perspective and pretty `Ok` fitting.

These days I only by pieces I absolutely fall in love with, those dresses you dream about! With a fabric of good quality, which I believe will survive even decades. Pieces I hope are timeless and not just a crazy trend, you will blush in a few years for.

Now to keep myself of buying too many new clothes I thought it´s time to think outside the box while finding new outfits within my own closet. Check out my Walk-In Closet here ;)

I realized that most of my favorite dresses I feel always great in, are those chick party outfits, which are not suitable most of the days…Time to change it and put on your Freakum Dress on, even if it's not a Cocktail Night ;)

Dress: An old orange cocktail dress (backless & sleeveless) from my mom

Jacket: Salmon colored jeans jacket, also from my mom (very old C&A collection)

Sneakers: Nike M2K Techno Mahogany A03108-200

Sunglasses: small Leo frame sunglasses from my granny

Hair: Let your natural hair down ;)

Pair your favorite cocktail dress with your most comfortable sneakers and add a classic jeans jacket...and well some vintage sunglasses should not be missing.

Can´t wait to wear this outfit more often...I think during my next city trip...What do you think? Where would you try this outfit out?


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