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Gift Ideas and Philosophie

Hello Beautiful people,

Here is a random living document with a list of things I got for myself, which I have tested and reviewed, and can genuinely recommend. Articles which spark joy, are useful, and don't end up somewhere unused in the corner. And since it was a gift, no one dares to give it away...

Gifts for any occasion, from easter to weddings

To make your search easier, just use one of the tags and let your search and find function lead you to the right spot in this list.

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  • DIY

  • woman's world +

  • sustainable

  • technical gadgets

  • kitchen

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  • beauty

Why this list?

A present can have many intentions and symbols.

For me, it is to show how much we know someone, how much we care about the person, and that we want to see a smile on their face.

But with these intentions comes the pressure actually to find the right gift. To get a present that on top is maybe something that person would not buy for themselves, you know something special. Arghhh, so much to tell here, so I thought, how about I try gifting something I know is good, working, tested by me, and matches the gift receiver's personality? For that reason, I started this random collection of stuff I got for myself and can genuinely recommend, from friend to friend.

parents, technical gadgets

Wet/dry vacuum cleaner - the Tineco

This gadget changed my life in the sense that wiping is simpler and so much faster!! It used to take me hours to clean the floor, clean to mop, and repeat and repeat. I never got the concept of using a bucket of dirty water to clean the floor.... so here is the solution. Watch the video I made to grasp how it functions and which product might be right for you.

parents, kitchen

The ultimate cutting board - Frankfurter Brett

So this is perfect for anyone who loves cooking! You will transform the whole experience, especially if you think of a passionate cook, but the kitchen looks afterward like an explosion. So the Frankfurter Brett helps you keep your kitchen organized while separating the cut ingredients from the food waste. My full review you read here. I recently gifted one to my brother in law and his beautiful wife. And I have another couple in mind ;)

DIY, decor, sustainable

Vietnamese Hat Lamp - DIY

Ok this is a gift that might be perfect for your travel Buddy! Did you both visit any place where this iconic hat has it's tradition? Looking at it, you instantly get transformed to this special place? If so, and if you know your travel buddy's interior taste, this might be a sweet gift from your heart and handmade by you. A step-by-step guide you can find here.

DIY, decor, parents

Child Growth Chart | DIY

If you have a creative heart and can´t wait to welcome your new family member or friend's baby, this might be a great gift, which will last forever and show much love you have to share. Here is a guide on how I did this growth chart for my dear friends.

DIY, beauty, sustainable, woman's world +

Natural, homemade moisturiser | DIY

This gift is perfect for someone who is transitioning to a more sustainable lifestyle, anyone who looks out for more natural products, appreciates homemade gifts, and is passionate about beauty products. The best part, making this DIY moisturizer will take you only a couple of minutes and will give great joy to the receiver. Here you find the recipe of 3 ingredients.

beauty, sustainable, woman's world +

Lush handmade cosmetics

Lush products are perfect for a beauty experience. Their unique products and fragrances make the daily cosmetic routines something special. So either you go ahead and get a coupon for your loved one or make a basket of your personal selections. Here are my favorite Lush articles.

Lush Sun protection

From a fragrance perspective and the goal of avoiding sunburns, the sun protection series at lush is excellent. Especially the powdered sun protection is a fantastic way to enjoy a city tour without greasy stickiness ;) It is perfect for everyone who loves the sun and likes to discover new beauty products free of animal testing. Here is my full review of the products.

Lush Deodorant - T´eo

This gift is perfect for someone who is transitioning to a more sustainable lifestyle, anyone who looks out for zero waist or unpacked products and loves exploring new beauty products. I believe I am using this deodorant for now 10 years. From time to time I tried different sustainable "natural" calming deodorants, but none of them were nearly as effective as this one. Extra tip for T´eo: smash this into a powder and keep it in a container. For me the best way to use it.

Lush Shampoo - Fairly Traded Honey

If you want to give away a spa thread for the hair with natural spring honey fragrances, then this is the shampoo to go for. BUT be warned, it is pretty expensive, so go for a small bottle, so your loved ones can test it out and see if this one is the perfect new addition for the hair.

I used this one for years, and because of the price, I give other products a try - BUT none of them makes my hair smell so fresh, look good, and prevents itchiness on my scalp. 🙈

More recommendations will be added, ones I found something I tested, truly like and want to recommend.


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