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How to make moisturizer

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

DIY lotion recipe with 3 natural ingredients.

Curious, right? Then just watch the tutorial or read the summary below.

Ingredients and quantity:

1-2 tsp Glycerine

5-7 tsp Rose Water

1-2 tsp Fresh Lemon Juice

This is one of my super-secret recipes, I call Indu´s Beauty Tricks. Indu is my beautiful mother-in-law, who has flawless skin. And one of her beauty tricks is a homemade moisturizer, made only out of three easily available ingredients. You could apply this moisturizer to your whole body.

How to prepare it in 2 easy steps:

1. Mix all the ingredients together. This is pretty easy, I just use a spoon to stir it.

2. Then pour it into a closed container and store it in a cool place. Keep in mind, this is a natural product. This means it´s not everlasting and under normal circumstances, it should stay good latest for one week.

Some interesting facts about the ingredients:


It helps your skin absorb moisture from the air. It is also a part of the skin´s natural moisturizing factor (shortly NMF). This is why we find glycerine in a lot of cosmetical products.

And like with all things we should keep a balance, so if you put too much glycerine, it can have the opposite effect. First, it feels moisturized and then it dries out. So I am sharing the proportions which feel good on my skin, but you have to try it out for yourself.

The more glycerine you add, the stickier the end product will get.


This will make your moisturizer smell like Spring. Rosewater is produced through a distillation of the flower. Ideally, you should find a product that does not contain chemicals or preservatives. So from wherever you are reading this, its worth to do proper research in order to buy the right product and also not to fall into a marketing scam, as some rose waters are ridiculously expensive. So if you are using any amazing rosewater, because it stands for fairtrade, natural or produced from special roses, please share with me. I am super excited to try them out.

Fresh Lemon:

This is to keep the skin clean because it is an antibacterial. Vitamin C has a brightening effect. A great ingredient to remove some dark spots on the skin.

Don´t take my word for it:

The beautiful Valerie from @notjustcreams (Instagram) also tried the DIY moisturizer recipe and this is her recommendation:

"I personally like to apply it with a cotton pad before my moisturizer for extra hydration!

Since this has lemon, 🍋 do not forget to follow with an SPF to avoid stains!"

Do you want to gift it?

Simply print this card and attach it to the bottle with your homemade moisturizer. You can reach out to me on Instagram and I´ll send you the file.

By the way, on amazon, you find great spray bottles.

Which natural moisturizing products do you use? Any recommendations?

And which sunscreen do you use? I am looking to try out more alternatives :D

The once from Lush I gave a fair chance and tested them during my Vietnam trip.


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It’s very good moisturiser.Thanks for sharing it with readers.

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