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Ikea goes Vintage - The rust effect

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Makeover to an Industrial rusted paint effect in 3 easy steps

White laminated furniture from the past is probably one of the hardest things to integrate into our new home. I tried for a year to match the Ikea side table with our wooden, vintage, and earthy color designs. It didn't work for me. And I love experimenting with Ikea makeovers before getting rid of something. Pinterest's copper oxidized themed pins made me ask myself how to age this piece of Ikea and give it a rusted look?

Luckily this trend swapped over to the wall designs, and I could borrow these paints for my project. A project which requires only 3 steps, a couple of hours spread over 2 days.


Step 1 Sanding

Step 2 Painting

Step 3 Fixing


  • Sanding machine or Sanding Paper (120-140 Grit)

  • Wall Paint: with rust effect finish + brush & sponge roller

  • A pinch of fun: Aperol spritz it matches the project 🍷

Step 1 Sanding

Sand your Ikea piece well; otherwise, the paint will not stick. I was lucky enough to use a sanding machine from Bosch, but you can do it by hand as well. I´ve done plenty of projects this way. If possible, disassemble your furniture to make it easier for yourself and not have too many narrow corners.

Step 2 Painting

Follow the paint instructions of your chosen brand. Since it is supposed to be a rusted look, you can play around with different techniques - no perfection is needed.

I used the one from Schöner Wohnen, which is easily available in Germany and uses the technic with sand instead of spray, which I prefer, as it creates a real structure, which is essential for the aged rust look. *a decision I took in my hardware store (this is not sponsored)

In my case, I had to apply first a base color and waited until the next day to dry. After that, I mixed the finish paint with the sand, started painting the surface with a brush, and then used a sponge roller to spread the copper finish more random to create the naturally rusted look.

Step 3 Fixing

Wait until your paint dries and then dab with your brush over uncovered spots or areas you want to give an extra rusted touch.

Finished - Time to decorate your Ikea makeover and show off your creative work with the hashtag #ikeagoesvintage !!!

By the way, I also did my old chair spontaneously but was too lazy to sand it before. It still looks pretty good, but since in use a lot and you move it around, some parts of the paint got off. So do not leave out the sanding step ;)


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