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Pimp up your IKEA Terje folding chairs

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

How to paint Ikea furniture:

*see before and after ->

This is all your need to paint your IKEA furniture

1. Remove your dog from the balcony ;)

2. Cover your balcony to protect from dropping paint

I prefer using this non-woven fleece as it is usually 100% recycled material and can be reused! #nowaste Furthermore, it absorbs the paint from the top and is leak-resistant.

3. Sand your IKEA folding chair with sandpaper

Send all surfaces with sandpaper of 120-grit. To protect the skin on your hands, I suggest applying petrolatum and using gloves ;)

Tip: Don´t have a sanding tool? Then use the whole roll, it gives stability and reduces the friction on your hands.

4. Simply paint and follow the instructions of your product

Tip: Use good quality brushes, otherwise the bristles keep falling out and will dry along with the paint on your chair....Stir, stir and stir: I used a chopstick to stir the paint from time to time as the ingredients can separate and will effect the finish.

5. Find some matching, comfortable pillows and sit down!


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