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Plant for the Planet - Kill for Christmas

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

On the Day of German Unity (3. October 2019) the country is celebrating for the first time with a new forest….ehm what?

The idea is pretty simple and beautiful. It´s a way to show what wonderful things can happen when we are united in one vision.

The Vision:

Every person in Germany plants one tree for Reunification Day. This would mean 83 Mio. new lives. Wow, so basically every year a new forest. Damn, that would be cool. Now there are different ways to participate, either donate 5 € over or plant yourself a tree. Which is way easier if you have a garden ;)


The moment I heard about it, I was hooked. What a great plan! And then, I don´t know why I thought about Christmas. On 3. of October, we plant in Germany trees for a better planet, and then 2 months later we basically fell pine trees?! In fact more than 27. Mio Christmas Trees are being sold every year, only in Germany. *(

Those two thoughts seem to be a little bit ridiculous. The only consequence can be to ban cutting Christmas Trees…..sorryyyyyyy…do you love Christmas and all the traditions around it? Then there are three suggestions from my side to keep the Christmas feeling alive….

1. Buy a living Christmas Tree! I just got this mini pine tree in a plant top. A beautiful addition to your home or balcony threw the whole year ….Then during Christmas Season simply decorate the living tree.

2. Get a Plastic tree!!! Yes the CO2 footprint is not the best and I am in general not a fan of plastic flowers, but everyone has a different taste…My grandparents had one for 40 years!! Imagine how much money you would save!

3. Create something New! How about a DIY Christmas Tree from upcycled stuff? On Pinterest I collected some cool ideas, check it out! pssttt...working on my own DIY Christmas Tree Project.

And what gives you the Christmas feeling? Is it a Christmas Tree, or maybe something else?


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