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"Red Lady" goes on a picnic

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

How to Dress During Your Period

Do you feel that your period always comes during a vacation or the worst possible days? Like on your birthday which you planned in a park? This happened to me!

Dressing for your period requires a little bit of planning. Besides the fact that it ́s functional you also want to be fashionable.

I can have super bad period days, with lots of pain, super strong flow and a bloated belly. But life goes on. We don´t stop working and we don´t stop having fun. So it's worth it to take a moment to plan your outfit and learn from your own experiences.

This is why I decided to go on my birthday picnic with this beautiful light, long and wide summery dress paired with period underwear.


+ 100% cotton -> for better air circulation during: "During your period you do not want to deal with more sweating"

+ Long & wide cut -> "I wanted to try all the tasty food & cocktails without worrying about my belly growing even more. I also wanted to have the

flexibility to play around with my dog."

+ light fabric -> "I needed a dress which I could quickly pull up to do the wee-wee business....psssst.

Period Underwear **:

+ on light days the penties are sufficient to protect you -> perfect for picnics in the park with no public restrooms.

+ on heavy days paired with tampons it is a perfect back-up to not worry about leaking dramas.

+ nothing is visible and you feel the same comfort as on regular days with regular panties

+it's reusable and hence better for our planet #lesserwaste

Summary: I had lots of fun and I really could forget that "Red Lady" came uninvited. I instead made Beyonce come...I wish :P

*: This dress is from the current h&m collection. This particular piece is well sewn and not just a trend which might become a fashion sin next year. I know that with good caution, I will wear it for many many years and occasions.

**: So far I´ve tried out 3 brands and I am still experimenting and finding new options. But all of them worked great and I can definitely recommend them, as I already do it to all my girlfriends. This is why they get my "A friends recommendation" stamp.




How do you dress during your period? Especially in summers during outdoor activities?


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