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Regrow Spring Onions

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Everyone can extend the life of green onions!

Hi, Namaste, Hola, Witam! Did you know that you can regrow your spring onions from the grocery store? I came across this trend on pinterest and could not believe it at first. But since it´s barely costing time or energy, I thought I give it a shot! I saw the magic and could not wait to share with you. Learn more in this video or scroll down for the overview.

1. Add the rest of your onions into water

"Whenever you gonna prepare your next dish with green onions,

leave minimum a tip of white stocks along with the root. Put it in a glass with a little bit of water in it and within hours you see it a slightly magic. It stays even fresher in water then just adding it into the fridge. Over the days observe the color of the water and change it from time to time, otherwise it starts smelling."

2. After one week add them into soil

"After one week of my first batch of regrown onions, once the roots regrew stronger, I placed them into the soil on my balcony, just had extra space left and this how it looks like after approximately 3 weeks."

This is why I love regrowing spring onions:

1. It´s environment-friendly. Everyone who loves spring onions should try it out!

2. It´s easy to implement in your daily life, it´s no difference if you place them in a glass or in the fridge.

3. It´s so much fun and so so so rewarding.

4. It makes your kitchen more green and refreshing.

More interesting facts on spring onions and which parts you can eat you´ll find here:

Are you thinking of what to cook with spring onions?

Ohh I can´t wait to see pictures from your regrown spring onions. Happy to connect with you on Instagram.


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