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Ultimate Killer Garlic Butter

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

If you want people to love and hate you at the same time - this is the right recipe for you. It´s all about the taste, making people addicted and telling them honestly: "Hey, you know you are eating butter, right?"

This is what you need, besides butter ;)

250 g smooth butter | 3x concentrated tomato paste: 400g | 3-4 cloves chopped garlic |

pinch of salt & pepper | herbs for garnishing: basil, mint, etc. whatever you find at home...

Mix it all together and well, that´s it!

WAIT WAIT WAIT: We have 4 more variations for you

Ultimate Killer Garlic Butter: Basil | Parmesan | Oregano | and forget butter, use Mascarpone

Ultimate Killer Garlic Butter : Basil

Same base, just add 30-40 chopped basil leaves.

Ultimate Killer Garlic Butter : Parmesan

Same base, just add 12-14 Tbsp Parmesan.

Ultimate Killer Garlic Butter : Oregano

Same base, just add 6-8 Tbsp oregano.

Forget Butter, make a Killer Garlic Mascarpone Paste!

250g Mascarpone | 3-4 cloves garlic | 200g tomato paste | salt & pepper

I like to use this butter to spice up my kitchen. Have look at my LAST MINUTE FINE DINING | Tomato Soup & Crunchy Noodles .I would use this while frying the spring onions and safe extra time adding garlic. Or simply add it to your and testy dinner. Or if you click to the next picture, I recently used it to warm up my polenta from yesterday in a pan and it was wonderfully smooth and tasty!

Now hopefully you got inspired to make your own Killer Garlic Butter. You will love it....and most probably hate it....

Try out the different versions or mix them up and come up with something new, something that is you.

And please share your experience with me :*:*:*


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