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Color Hair with Eyeshadow

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Wanna become a blue hair girl for one day?

We are in the middle of the festival and outdoor party season. Here we can live our crazy fashion & dance spirit. I, for instance, love playing with my hair and changing the shades. Unfortunately, my hair does not love it too much. This is why I experimented on myself with eyeshadows, to be able to use them for one party and not regret it the days after.

It works so wonderfully and you don´t need to spend extra money on some crazy beauty gates.

See yourself in this video or scroll down for the overview.

1. Choose high pigmented eyeshadow

2. Apply with an make up removal sponge (suggested 100% vegetable fiber) the eyeshadow on your hair. You can use a cardboard to protect your hands from the eyeshadow.

3. Fix the color with salted water. Therefore fill a cup with hot water and 1-2 tsp salt, let it melt. Once it cooled down you can fill it in a spray bottle. Since I can not assure you that this amount is healthy for your hair, you know what seawater does to your hair, you can also use the sea spray from lush. Smells so good, and the salt makes my hair more curly. Voila!

Review: After few hours of Party the intensity of the color would go slightly away, but still looking good.


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Neha Agarwal
Neha Agarwal
Aug 01, 2019


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