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DIY `Designer` Copper Pipe Curtain Rod

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Easy and Fun project for your next weekend!

I am obsessed with the copper trend. It gives an industrial, but cozy look to your home. After building a Copper Pipe Walk-In Closet, there was only one choice for the curtain rod.

Believe me, this project is super easy and so much fun to realize. AND it won't take too much time. Depending on how experienced you are with drilling at your home, you could be ready within one 1h. Unless you drink beers with your dad in this case it might take 3h...

Now it´s up to you. Do you prefer to watch this tutorial or to see a quick summary? If so, keep scrolling :*

Full Video Tutorial


2 Connecting Pipes: it extends the `L`connector and goes into the socket end

6x Dowels & Screws: choose according to your wall and socket end

Drill and Super Glue

The Structure

1. Glue small connecting pipes to an `L`connector in order to extend it.

For this, I have a separate tutorial here. This way it fits perfectly into the Socket End.

This is why you need to measure how deep your pipe fits into the `L` and your socket end.

The weight of the curtains lies on the Socket End.

2. Then put everything together as in the pictures above...Voila!

This is your homemade `Designer` Water Pipe Curtain Rod.

The Functionality

These pictures are an example of the Structure. The Socket End will be fixed to the wall before placing the curtain rod.

1. Open your Structure and place the curtains as in the picture.

2. Close your Structure carefully and place it in the socket end on your wall.

3. Then fix the screws in the Socket End to assure stability. This way you can comfortably move your curtains!

Action - Let´s build it together

By the way, this particular copper curtain rod has a length of 135cm. After 2 months of use I can assure you, that it´s very solid. I am very happy with the quality.

Your windows are bigger? I would suggest the following as said in this videao...

Do you have any copper elements in your home?


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