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Vietnamese Hat Lamp | DIY

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Upcycling idea for your conical hat - With one switch I am back in my vacation

This year I had the incredible opportunity to see a little bit of Vietnam. This trip has been inspiring on so many levels. One of them is my interior perspective. In this blog post, I share my experience of upcycling a hat into a hanging lamp.

Enjoy this video or scroll down for the summary. *more videos you find on youtube

Music: Mix of Minyo San Kyoku & Eastminster by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (



This all you need to get started:

Vietnamese hat, Ceiling Pendant Light, Transparent Nail Polish, Knife / Cutter & Screwdriver

1. Time to make a hole in your hat!

Firstly I used transparent nail polish to stabilize the edge of my cutting line. But you can use also superglue.

Use a sharp knife or cutter to make the hole. Start from inside the hat, to push gently outside with a rotating movement. Repeat the action from the other side.

In the end, I used a screwdriver to make the hole bigger.

2. Time to assemble the lamp and attach it.

Follow the instructions of your product.

The ceiling pendant light has to be disassembled from the bulb holder. This way you can push the wire through the hole.

*Please make sure you wire the lamp correctly!

Voila! Your Vietnamese Hanging Lamp is ready!

How was your last trip? And did you brought back something special?

Now how about an industrial / boho style cupboard or shelves, matching this lamp? *click here

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