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Easy Recipe: Ying Pistachio Peppers

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Padron Peppers with the easiest pistachio sauce you can think off !!!

This is a super easy and quick dish out of Spanish #padrónpeppers with a #pistachio Asian sauce twist.

The sauce gives the surprising element. An unexpected combination of #sweet, #salty and the hint of #pistachio.

Great for #tapas parties or as #sidedish for your meal.

Ready to try it out? Then read on or just watch the video here.

1) Ingredients

  • padrón peppers 200g

  • your favorite frying oil ( I wouldn´t suggest coconut oil, the taste does not go well)

  • garlic (2 - 3 cloves)* optional as the asian pistachio sauce is already tasteful experience

  • salt (pinch) * also optional due to asian pistachio sauce, which salty itself

  • pistachio cream * you find this usually in grocery stores next to chocolate cremes (trying not to mention the most famous brand, but for sure in Italian grocery stores or without doubt on amazon.

  • soy sauce

  • water

2) Frying the padron peppers sauce

Add the oil of your choice to the pen. Don´t be shy to use a good amount. I usually cover the whole pen.

Fry the peppers on high heat until they get very soft and the skin is getting slowly brown.

Now you can add the garlic and fry it on lower heat for 2/3 min until it is slightly cross.

3) Preparing the sauce

Mix 4/5 spoons of pistachio cream with 3/4 spoons of soy sauce until they get one creamy paste. Taste it!

Too sweet? Add more soy sauce.

Too salty? Add more pistachio cream.

Proportions are great but still too intense? Add a little bit of water.


Your guests will be truly surprised.

*Also a great idea for your next vegetarian BBQ...just carry the asian pistachio sauce in a jar. People will forget their meat ;) Need one more inspiration for a vegetarian BBQ? Click here and get surprised.


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